The best canteens in 2024

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2024. 03. 07. 08:54

12 teams from the October semi-finals of the KÖZSZ 2023-204 Public Catering Chef Competition organized by KÖZSZÖV made it to the finals, which took place on March 5-6-7 at the Sirha Budapest 2024 trade show.

The winner in 2024 became the Hungast Bakony team

4 teams competed each day, and on the third day, the ceremonial results were announced and the awards were distributed.

The KÖZSZÖV special prize was awarded to the Balassa János Hospital in Tolna County by the Balassa Team. Szekszárd) team.
The winner of the competition this year was the Hungast Bakony team: manager Gergely Lovay, members Sándor Kovács, Máté Berényi, Miklós Takács.
The jury awarded Gold to the following teams: Balassa team, Hunguest Budapest, Prizma Junior, Delirest Szeged, Hungast Bakony, Hetesgeneralál Nyíregyháza
The MNGSZ special award went to Gábor Kostyál and his team, Hungast Budapest.
The audience award of the day was awarded to the Delirest Savária team by the spectators sitting in the gallery.

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