Professional recognitions for COOP workers

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 12. 06. 09:43

Prestigious trade awards were presented to the winners on 4 November, Europe’s Day in Commerce. Several workers of the COOP Economic Group were also rewarded for their professional achievements. The special day was organised for the 17th time this year and its programme sought to call attention to the importance of retail trade.

László Krisán, president of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers’ (VOSZ) retail department told that the sector that employs 500,000 people in Hungary and is the state budget’s biggest VAT and tax contributor. László Pekó, chairman of CO-OP Hungary Zrt.’s board of directors underlined that Europe’s Day in Commerce is the day of celebrating the trade and he was really proud of the many COOP workers going home with an award for their loyalty and dedication.

There was also a roundtable discussion about the most urgent problems and their possible solutions, such as trade education, employing pensioners, the high level of workforce fluctuation and digitalisation and its limits. Co-op Hungary Zrt.’s CEO Géza Tóth and other prestigious representatives of the sector shared their views on these topics.(x)

COOP’s award winners

Klauzál Gábor Certificate of Honour:

Dr István Komoróczki, secretary general of ÁFEOSZ-­COOP Association

Dr István Komoróczki had been working at the association since 2006 and was appointed general secretary in 2016. He is dedicated to make cooperative-based retail sustainable and to modernise member companies.

Gyula Kozsnyánszky, managing director of Észak-­Kelet Pro-COOP Zrt.

Gyula Kozsnyánszky played a key role in establishing the COOP system. In CO-OP Hungary Zrt. he has filled various positions from the beginning. He is also a member of Boglár COOP Zrt.’s board of supervisors and MESZÖV. Every COOP unit that he led underwent development and modernisation.

For Hungarian Retail Grand Prize:

Ilona Horváth, store manager of Georgikon COOP Zrt.’s store No. 6 in Rezi

Ilona Horváth had started working as a shop assistant in store No.6 in Rezi and was named deputy store manager in March 1996. On 6 December 2004 she became store manager and has filled that position ever since. She leads a modern retail outlet where employees can work in a real family atmosphere.

Ildikó Hegedűsné Cseri, store manager of Integrál Zrt.’s COOP Móravárosi ABC

Ildikó Hegedűsné Cseri began working in store No.2 of Integrál Zrt. in Kiskunfélegyháza and is currently the store manager of Móravárosi ABC. She was a real leader in every store she worked in, thanks to her accurate, dedicated and determined work.

István Graics, store manager of Mecsek Fűszért Zrt.’s COOP MINI store No.2 in Pécs

István Graics has been a Mecsek Füszért employee since 2009, but was already a store manager in Belvárdgyula back in 1978. His personality and excellent relationship with customers play a key role in the small shop realising an average sales turnover of HUF 13 million per month. //

The above article has also been published in Issue 2021/12-01 of Trade magazin.

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