The effect of coffee on learning

By: trademagazin Date: 2010. 09. 15. 00:00

Here is the school start of September, therefore, Valdo Cafe has gathered some information over the impact of coffee on learning, to see if the coffee helps only to be vigilant or has an effect on the memory also.

The scientists of the University of Florida studied the effect of caffeine on mice, and it was found out, that dementia and Alzheimer's disease can be prevented with the regular consumption of coffee. Coffee consumption reduces the so-called beta amyloid protein, which is responsible for the development of dementia and Alzheimer's diseases.
According to a French study; Those who consumed 3 cups of coffee a day, had much better memory tests, than those, who did not consumed coffee or consumed only occasionally. The study that was published in the Neurology journal, showed that coffee can prevent the development of dementia.

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