The cultivation of horticultural crops can also count on support in the future

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 29. 09:30

The Ministry of Agriculture maintains priority support for horticultural crop production, rural development tenders related to the sector are expected to appear in the spring, said Sándor Farkas, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture at the IX. Zsendülés at the Horticultural Conference, Szeged.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

Sándor Farkas pointed out that with the funds available in the rural development program, in 2021 and 2022, more than 10,000 agricultural and food industry enterprises were approved for development grants in the amount of HUF 1,200 billion. More than 6,900 winning tenders were successfully evaluated in the investment calls for investments in the horticulture sector of the rural development program, which resulted in a decision on a support amount exceeding HUF 184 billion. Thanks to the targeted resources, last year the performance of the fruit and vegetable sector reached 13 percent of the agricultural output. In the year 2022, hit by drought and other weather extremes, this value was only 11 percent, noted the deputy minister. With the adoption of the Hungarian Strategic Plan of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, the domestic agriculture and food industry can develop using more than HUF 5,300 billion until 2027, Sándor Farkas indicated. He added: horticulture can continue to count on support for their investments, so they will have the opportunity to purchase machines and tools, as well as to develop their plantations, plant, mushroom or cold stores. A special intervention will help increase the energy self-sufficiency of agricultural plants, including horticultural plants, and reduce energy dependence.

In addition to all this, the department also provides support for exploiting the potential inherent in geothermal heat energy and digitalization

Sándor Farkas said that supporting the cooperation of sustainable irrigation communities that results in the increase of irrigated areas and more efficient use of the available water resources is treated as a priority goal. The deputy minister said that 50 billion forints are available to support developments related to horticultural greenhouses, cold storages and post-harvest (post-harvest operations), and a maximum of 5 billion forints can be requested for one project. HUF 25 billion will be allocated to support the planting of horticultural plantations and the cultivation of medicinal herbs, of which a maximum of HUF 250 million can be drawn for one project.


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