The Future Has Arrived – An Asset Management Yearbook that both evaluates and forecasts

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 11:00

Perhaps there has never been as much change in the world of asset management as in 2023. Prepared: 2024. Global challenges, inflations, wars, the stagnation of normally successful sectors, the rise of crypto and artificial intelligence have significantly changed the attitude and needs of investors at the same time. Serving the needs of the wealthy even better has now become a really serious challenge. The published Yearbook of Blochamps Capital is a 240-page high-quality knowledge repository providing assistance to players active in the domestic private banking and wealth management market.

“We don’t remember such a dynamic increase in wealth, the rise of the top 1% to such a degree. The record-breaking social financial wealth of HUF 96,400 billion is in vain if the increase is practically concentrated in a narrow stratum. While the top 10% own two-thirds of society’s financial wealth, the top 1% directly account for a third, and in this bipolarity, inflation has only caused a further gap to the detriment of the bottom 9 tenths. The size of private banking assets has increased and the relationship of customers to money in this stratum is certainly changing dynamically.”

– István Karagich, Managing Director of Blochamps Capital, specified the increased responsibility of asset management professionals.

The study’s extensive databases and conclusions fully encompass the financial consumption habits, investment instrument and portfolio models of the Hungarian and international wealth strata, as well as the current trends corresponding to the wealth bands.

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