The epidemic pushed back the number of shopkeepers selling manufactured goods

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 05. 28. 11:30
Already in March. The 15-hour closure of manufactured goods stores has already held back the number of shoppers and the number of shop assistants. The dismissal of 4-5 thousand people did not characterize this period before, – wrote.


The statistics also indicate changes in shopkeeper employment caused by the coronavirus. In the second half of March 2020, the manufactured goods stores could only be open until 3 pm, and from March 28, the vast majority of them (nearly 80,000 stores) could not be visited due to the access restriction.

Revenues from manufactured goods stores fell sharply as early as the second half of March, with statistics showing, for example, the loss of half the market for clothing stores during this period.