Fuze Tea and Tripadvisor’s new campaign encourages short breaks during the day, 5-minute adventures

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 29. 11:46

The basis of a complete life is to find a balance between work and recreation on a daily basis, and to take care of our physical and mental health whenever we can – this is the idea behind the new campaign of Fuze Tea, part of the Coca-Cola portfolio. According to a survey commissioned by Coca-Cola, a fifth of the Hungarian population feels that they do not always have enough time for themselves on weekdays. With its “5-minute adventures” campaign, the brand wants to highlight that even small breaks during work or fulfilling other obligations can help us gather energy.

The majority of Hungarian employees feel that their everyday lives are crowded, according to a survey commissioned by Coca-Cola. The majority of respondents would need 1, but rather 2, free hours a day to recharge, but only 18 percent of them said that they can take time for themselves every weekday, and 20 percent almost never have time to relax.

Fuze Tea’s new campaign aims to encourage people to incorporate short breaks of as little as five minutes into their everyday responsibilities. If we manage to make these mini-vacations regular, we can draw a lot of energy from them, and in total, they can add up to 1 hour of rest in a working day.

Fuze Tea is continuing the “5-minute adventures” campaign with last year’s global cooperation partner, the travel advisory site Tripadvisor, offering not only inspiring content but also experiences that can help balance everyday life.

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