The knowledge of young people will always have a place and value in agriculture

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 06. 10:00

The young people know exactly that there are huge opportunities in agriculture, that agriculture is one of the key sectors of our future – stated Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the closing ceremony of the Agricultural Studies Section of the 36th National Student Conference (OTDK) on Thursday in Kaposvár.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy (Photo: István Fekete)

The head of the ministry emphasized that agricultural science today is a complex system that not only encompasses the topics of crop cultivation, animal husbandry, horticulture, animal health, plant health, and food production, but has also expanded to include fields of science such as agricultural informatics, biotechnology, genetics, agrobotany, food safety, and environmental management. At the same time, the generational renewal of agricultural production is also important, the producers need modern, XXI. also providing it with 20th century knowledge, so that professionals who are open to the world, innovative and equipped with modern knowledge work in agriculture and the food industry, he emphasized. The ministry consciously deals with stimulating the generational renewal of agriculture. Agriculture is attracting more and more young people, which is also evident from the enrollment data. This year, more than 40 percent more people applied for MATE’s courses, he added.

István Nagy also touched on the fact that the new generation will always have more knowledge, whose task is to find good answers to the challenges facing agriculture

All the knowledge that young people absorb in higher education will always have a place and value, he stated. Regarding the OTDK, he said that this series of events is a real community-building force, one of the strongholds of domestic scientific supply, a real engine of development that makes us all richer.


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