Young people like frozen pizzas

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 02. 28. 08:00

37 per cent of Hungarians consume instant soups, the most popular category among instant foods. Snacks and frozen pizzas are also popular, while only 6 per cent of the adult population consumes traditional dishes according to data from the joint Product Media Index of GfK Hungária and Szonda Ipsos. There are products which make our lives easier and save time for us in the kitchen. This is the primary advantage determining the group of potential consumers of so called convenience products. According to PMX data for the II-III. quarters of 2006, instant food is consumed mainly by younger age groups, with good education, who live in larger cities because they do not have the time to cook for themselves. Only 30 per cent of people who have warm food delivered to their homes ever consume instant soups. Instant soups are however, popular among housewives. Frozen pizzas are typical examples of instant food, bought by consumers under 30, with at least secondary school education and living in Budapest or other large cities.

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