Digital agriculture specialists are trained in Csongrád

By: STA Date: 2023. 10. 27. 11:00

The technological changes affecting agriculture are taking place at an exponential rate, and our task is to adapt agricultural vocational training to this and make it attractive for young people. All of this means future security that will make the lives of all of us better – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy on Thursday in Csongrád, according to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

At the handover of the sectoral training center that supports the digital agriculture and innovation activity of the Great Plain, the head of the ministry emphasized: for this, the level of training must be increased in such a way that it provides young people with knowledge that they can use immediately upon entering the labor market. The most difficult task in this is to provide opportunities for young people in which they can continuously develop together with technology. He pointed out that a milestone in this process is the recently handed over training center, which was supported by the government with HUF 205.5 million and realized with the coordination of the Alföldi Agricultural Vocational Training Center. István Nagy recalled that there was positive feedback when examining the number of people participating in the school system and adult education, that 50 percent more people enrolled in the institutions of the Alföldi Agricultural Vocational Training Center this year compared to last year. He said that in accordance with national trends, the agricultural sector is the most popular here as well. Today, almost 22,000 people are studying in agricultural vocational training, i.e. one and a half times as many as six years ago – underlined the minister.

In his speech, István Nagy talked about the fact that the use of digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics and high-tech devices is becoming more and more widespread in agriculture

The reason for this is that they can be used to optimize the conditions that determine crop growth. With the help of industrial drones, it is possible to survey land, monitor the condition of plants, measure soil moisture, and make spraying more efficient. By applying technology, the sector can become more competitive and sustainable, and the labor shortage in agriculture can be countered – the minister explained. He added that the call to support the digital transition of agriculture and precision developments by the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the Rural Development Program proved to be extremely popular, as 2,634 applications received support exceeding HUF 192 billion. István Nagy highlighted that investments and modernization programs similar to the one in Csongrád play a key role in this digitization transition. With the help of these, the trend that turns even more young people towards agriculture can be further strengthened – informs the announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture.


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