Coca-Cola also pays special attention to waste management at festivals

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 08. 15. 12:34

This year, Coca-Cola Hungary is reducing the ecological footprint of the Sziget Festival with selective waste collectors and a garbage collection team, but the COKE STUDIO™ exhibited by the company at three music events this year also consists of partially recycled elements. The recycling of beverage packaging and the implementation of circular economy practices based on selective collection are among the company’s global objectives.

Every year, Coca-Cola is present at many domestic music events, including the Sziget Festival, where the company, among other things, supports selective waste collection in cooperation with the Sziget sustainability team. During the entire duration of the festival, a team of 60 people collects selective waste, in addition, Coca-Cola, in cooperation with the Sziget organizers, placed 5 large, 4 cubic meter selective waste collection containers in the busiest places, and also selective waste collection containers at the Green Sziget Points. Last year’s results are encouraging: Coca-Cola’s garbage collection team then collected 12 tons of garbage – approx. collected 340 m3 of selective waste, now the goal is to triple this amount.

In 2018, The Coca-Cola Company launched its global Zero-Waste World program, in which efforts to this end occupy a central place. The company aims to make all primary beverage packaging 100 percent recyclable by 2025. This has already been realized in Hungary, as the primary beverage packaging used in Hungary, PET, glass and aluminum bottles, are 100 percent recyclable. In its Zero Waste World program, Coca-Cola formulated as an additional goal that by 2030 it will contribute to the recovery of 100 percent of the waste of beverage bottles, and that by 2030 it will already use 50 percent recycled materials for the production of its bottles and tins.

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