Slogans for shaving: convenience, skin care, design

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 04. 25. 08:00

Continuous innovation has left its mark in the market of shaving products. Shaving foam is losing its appeal, after shave lotions are no longer all about masculine fragrance, while razors with replaceable heads seem to be the trend now. Though sales of razors with replaceable heads declines slightly last year, this is not necessarily a bad sign, according to András Papp from Procter & Gamble, distributor of Gillette. – Consumers tend to use these razors for up to 3 years, while the market for razor heads keeps expanding. Decline of sales is limited to the market of razors for women, while sales of razors for men are stable. In terms of market share, hyper markets show progress, while average price fell to HUF 1500 last year. Gillette introduced a 3 blade system two years ago, whereas this spring they are selling a 5 blade system. The super premium segment in the market of disposable razors, where there are lots of innovation, quadrupled last year. Making shaving more convenient is another trend. This is achieved primarily by giving razors a more ergonomic design. All types of innovation are present in the Fusion product line introduced by Gillette in March. Razors for women is an independent segment of the market, where Gillette Venus products are treated as an independent brand, with entirely different communication. Razors for women are more closely related to beauty care than shaving, which calls for a different approach. Shaving gels are slowly displacing shaving foams. Shaving gels are more convenient and more economic to use. A major consideration during the development of the Fusion product line was to protect sensitive skin. The number of multifunctional products is growing. Men prefer products which are easy to use and do not like to use too many of these either – says Bernadett Rácz from Coty Hungary Kft. This why they like after shave balsams with combined smoothing, hydrating and protective functions. There are basically two types among the consumers of after shave lotions. Some prefer a specific, characteristic fragrance, while others focus on functionality. Adidas has introduced its Active Skincare product line for this latter group.

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