The promotions at Euronics will start before Black Friday, the store chain is counting on that

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 10. 31. 11:41

Buyers in Hungary also like to count on the November promotions before the holidays. Since the months of the Christmas period are considered the peak sales season both in stores and in webshops, Euronics is not only preparing for Black Friday, which is also held by many other companies, with discounts this year.

The department store chain announces Blue Week already at the beginning of the month, between November 6 and 12, with special promotions launched only for this period, and then holds Black Friday sales on an unprecedented scale and length until the end of the month. Now the company is also sharing what to expect during the holiday season.

At Euronics, the turnover in November is almost one and a half times the sales revenue of an average month and twice as much in December. According to the experience of previous years, online customers preparing for the holiday start their Christmas shopping even earlier, the number of orders placed in the company’s webshop in November even exceeds that of December.

In this period, consumers are particularly looking for IT products, mobile phones and related accessories, as well as small household appliances, including automatic coffee makers and other coffee-related products. The airfryer is expected to be a hit product again this year, but other automatic kitchen appliances will also be sold. In the field of larger appliances, Euronics expects increased turnover in the case of tumble dryers.

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