724 tons of waste were collected and processed in the source area of the Tisza in Ukraine thanks to the joint CALL-Action program of the PET Cup and Diageo

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 03. 21. 10:25

Even the war situation could not stop the joint CALL-Action program of the PET Cup and Diageo in the source region of the Tisza in Ukraine. Despite the difficult conditions and daily power outages, the participants completed it in less than a year, and have now even exceeded the target value for the project’s two-year period by five percent. 724 tons of selective waste were collected and processed. The determination remains unchanged, and the program will continue this year.

Due to the lack of waste management systems, a total of approximately three million tons of waste accumulated in Subcarpathia, significantly polluting the tributaries and the Tisza, which also brings about 10,000 tons of waste to our country every year, causing considerable natural damage. To prevent this, Tiszai PET Kupa, which is at the forefront of waste elimination, and Diageo, the world’s leading producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, launched the joint CALL-Action program at the beginning of last year. Within the framework of the project, in the name of sustainability, they helped to improve the living conditions of at least 120,000 people living along the Tisza by introducing various waste management developments and river cleaning actions.