5 things that we could easily digitize at work right now

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 23. 11:44

Gone are the days when all contracts and invoices had to be delivered to the target person on a paper basis, by post, and for some time we have also replaced company archives with servers. To this day, however, there are tasks that we perform manually or personally – instead of relying on technological solutions that are already available. Here are five activities that we could easily digitize with the currently available tools.


When a guest comes to the office, we typically have to tell the reception in person, by e-mail or by phone, so that they can certainly let the person in. This can be further complicated if the guest arrives by car and we have to reserve a parking space for him. A service management system makes all this much easier: colleagues can record online when and who arrives in the building, so the reception will immediately see who and where they need to direct. In this way, we can also avoid having to write long e-mails about how to get to the office – and also having to wait for our guest at the entrance in person.

Knowledge sharing

It’s an old HR anecdote that a new colleague is an expense in the first month, and only starts generating profit for the company in the third month. On the other hand, the training of the new employee and the everyday problem solving can be made easier if the most important company information, as well as the frequent questions that arise within the company and the answers to them, are located on a common, digital platform with a search function, in an online knowledge base. On such an interface, anyone can enter their current question in the search engine and find the solution immediately – without having to search for the person responsible for the question.

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