The unemployment rate rose to 4.7%

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 12:05

In the three months between December 2023 and February 2024, the number of employed people (age group 15-74) was 4,721,000, 31,000 more than a year earlier. The number of people working at foreign locations stabilized at over 100,000 in 2023, between December and February it was 106,500, 5,000 more than a year ago, and the number of public employees decreased by 4,000 to 64,600 in one year. The employment rate in the 15-64 age group, which is specially monitored in the EU methodology, remained at 74.6% between December and February. The indicator stood at 74.3% a year ago, and at 74.6% in the previous three months as well – points out Márta Balog-Béki, MBH Bank’s senior capital market analyst.

The number of unemployed people was 232,000 on average for the three months under review, an increase of 33,000 people in one year, while compared to the previous three months, their number increased by over 6,000. The unemployment rate calculated according to the international methodology was 4.7% between December and February, compared to 4.1% a year earlier, and 0.1 percentage points higher compared to the previous three months.

There were 235,400 registered jobseekers in the NFSZ register in February, 10,000 less than a year ago. The number of jobseekers decreased by 4% in one year and increased by 1.1% in one month. The number of vacant positions (quarterly data releases) 2023. IV. at the end of the quarter, it was 74,450, nearly 8,500 less than a year earlier, and compared to the third quarter of last year, the reduction was over 4,100.

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