18 percent less fertilizer was sold in 2023

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 08. 10:00

Fertilizer distributors sold 1.08 million tons of fertilizer directly to farmers in 2023. The volume sold was 18.8 percent less than a year earlier.

The nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) active ingredient content of the fertilizer purchased by agricultural producers in 2023 was 371,000 tons, 85,000 tons (-18.7 percent) lower than a year earlier. The nitrogen content decreased by 18.4 percent, potassium by 21.5 percent, and phosphorus by 17.1 percent compared to the base period. The proportion of NPK active substances in 2023 was 72:14:14, almost the same as in 2022. In terms of natural weight, 1 million 77 thousand tons of fertilizers were sold directly to agricultural producers in the current year, of which 848 thousand tons were single-component fertilizers and 228 thousand tons were compound fertilizers. The ratio of single-component and compound fertilizers – by active ingredient weight – was 68:32 in 2022 and 69:31 in 2023.

Compared to the average of the last ten years, in 2023 the total volume of fertilizer sales to end users decreased by 36 percent. The turnover of potassium and compound fertilizers was 45-45%, that of single-component phosphorus by 25%, and that of nitrogen by 32% of the average for the years 2013-2022.


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