The best cakes in Hungary

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 08. 01. 12:01

The creation of master confectioner Pál Lakatos from Szigetszentmiklós, the cake with the imaginative name “SPICCES FÜGE RESPECTUS” can bear the title of Hungary’s Cake this year. The Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary competition was won by confectioner Zsófia Lawal-Papp from Makó with her creation with the imaginative name “Kikelet”.

The Hungarian Confectionery Board announced the “Cake of Hungary” competition for the seventeenth time.


Every year, the Industry Council invites to the competition cakes made with popular Hungarian flavors and fruits, which strictly contain only high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients.

This year, as a novelty in the competition announcement, it was also stated that from a basket of ingredients made up of Hungarikums and national values – Újfehértó cluster cherry, Kalocsa paprika ground, Tokaj aszú, Hungarian acacia honey, Hungarian herbs – at least one had to be used in the named cakes. It was still expected that the competition works should contain whipped cream or other layers of dough more prominently, at least 40%, in order for the traditions of the Hungarian confectionary industry to reappear in the entered cakes.

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