European authorities warn of an Internet trap

Szerző: Trademagazin Dátum: 2023. 01. 20. 10:54

The EU consumer protection authorities draw attention to a tricky practice in the online space: some companies secretly trick unsuspecting users into subscribing to their services. The Economic Competition Authority has also encountered something similar, and now the bank card companies are also helping the authorities to take action.

The European Commission and the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC) of the Member States have taken action against certain online commercial methods that use manipulative means to persuade consumers to subscribe to unwanted subscriptions. For example, they ask for their bank card details with the promise of a free trial or a favorable introductory offer – but in fact they inadvertently sign up for a subscription for which they charge a recurring fee. The companies do not inform you about the repetition of deductions, or hide them in the fine print. About 10% of EU consumers have already been tricked into unwanted subscriptions using similar methods.

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