Greener Common Agricultural Policy

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 11. 10. 11:03

More than half of agricultural revenues in Hungary come from European Union funding, in which the financial resources of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) play a key role.

István Tresó, the head of K&H’s agricultural sector development division told our magazine: the new CAP cycle that starts in 2021 – with a 2-year transitional period because of the great changes that have been made in it – already includes the expectations laid down in the European Green Deal, which will entail drastic changes in how European agriculture works, e.g. member states will be obliged to establish eco-farming systems, for which 20 percent of direct payments will be earmarked.

This means that farmers will have to start thinking differently and using new technology. Approximately 40 percent of CAP’s budget will be used for environmental and climate protection projects – added EU expert Csaba Vitárius. //

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