WSZL: The pandemic accelerated the digitalisation process

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 09. 07. 09:50

Our magazine interviewed Szilárd Cser, logistics director of Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft.

trade logo 2x superbrands What was WSZL’s reaction to the large number of orders during the pandemic and how did you perform in this period?

Cser Szilárd-WaberersSzemerey

Szilárd Cser
logistics director

– During the pandemic our container fleet had lots of free capacity, which we put to domestic use and this way managed to ensure the uninterrupted product supply of retailers. We have a nearly 50-percent market share in FMCG transportation, so it was important to react well.

trade logo 2x superbrands How did the shift towards e-commerce influence your operations?

– Already before the pandemic we were active in this field. The pandemic only accentuated the role of digital solutions and telecommunication in the sector.

trade logo 2x superbrands How are you preparing for the challenges of the Christmas period?

– In the domain of packaging (co-packing) this work already starts in the summer. For us the high season lasts until the end of October. Normally we stick 100,000 labels on products per day and this number doubles in the peak period.

trade logo 2x superbrands Who are your new customers?

– In the pandemic situation we store and deliver the masks, protective clothing, etc. of the National Healthcare Service Centre to hospitals and other state organisations. Another new partner is DS SMITH Packaging Hungary Kft. – since May WSZL has been doing packaging material storage and delivery for their Jászfényszaru factory.

trade logo 2x superbrands How did the pandemic period change the business operations of your partners?

– It gave momentum to the digitalisation process. They have switched to using digital documents and bank card payment or money transfer instead of cash. Consequently, we have started improving our power BI report system.

trade logo 2x superbrands What kind of development projects are you planning?

– Our premises in Páty will grow from 12,000m² to 22,000m² in December. All of our 1,000 delivery vehicles are equipped with the Track&Trace system – partners can even check the temperature in refrigeration trucks online! (x)

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