Ministry of Rural Development: support to the dairy farmers and rice growers

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 03. 07. 12:52

The Ministry of Rural Development (VM) announces again this year the support for dairy farmers to manage their specific disadvantages, and introduces the special rice support. With the total of more than 13 billion HUF support, domestic production can be retained in both sectors – informed the Ministry of Rural Development (VM) on Wednesday.

Deadline for the support sources is 15 May 2012. The approximately 3,100 dairy farmers will receive 45 million euros, nearly 13 billion HUF for special milk support this year.
The Ministry of Rural Development highlights: The top-up supports played an important role in Hungary’s agriculture since the country’s EU accession. These supports can be applied for the last time this year, because in 2013 Hungary reaches the 100 percent of the EU direct support level, and national supplements cannot be paid to the farmers. (MTI)

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