The Ministry of Agriculture helps Transcarpathian farmers with seeds

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 04. 11. 11:17
The Ministry of Agriculture (AM) will donate 20 million HUF worth of corn and sunflower seeds and potato tubers to Transcarpathian farmers in difficulty due to the war, Nagy István said in a statement issued by the Ministry on Monday.

Corn. and sunflower seeds donated by the Ministry of Agriculture to Transcarpathian farmers

The Minister drew attention to the fact that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict poses a significant challenge to agriculture. According to the communication, many farmers in Transcarpathia, even if they want to cultivate their arable land, no longer have the opportunity to use or plant it. Due to the trade difficulties caused by the war, it was not possible to obtain sufficient plant propagating material locally. Since the outbreak of the armed conflict, the AM and Hungarian hosts have helped troubled producers across borders in several ways. Farmers in Transcarpathia can still count on the support of the motherland and Hungary, Nagy István added. (MTI)

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