Is the period of cheap holidays abroad over?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 27. 11:37

We have witnessed a drastic transformation of global travel habits in recent years, as traditional travel seasons gradually disappear due to the pandemic and climate change. The tourism industry is faced with the growing problem of over-tourism at all times of the year, which poses new challenges to the players of the sector.

In the past, travelers avoided the peak seasons and planned their trips in the pre- and post-season in the hope of better prices. For example, Italy offers cheaper travel options in the fall and Hong Kong in the hot summer months. However, the transition to remote work has made it possible for many people to stay away from home for longer periods of time, so the blurring of seasonal boundaries can also be felt in tourism.

According to the UN forecast, in 2024 the number of global trips is expected to reach or even exceed the pre-epidemic level. At the same time, measures against over-tourism are also becoming more common, such as the ban on building hotels in Amsterdam or photography restrictions introduced in Japan. These steps highlight the fact that traditional tourism paradigms are no longer sustainable, reports the Pénzcentrum.

According to Olivier Ponti, director of ForwardKeys, while peak seasons still exist, off-seasons are becoming more crowded. In the case of Thailand, for example, the dead period from April to September has now practically disappeared. This requires significant changes in the management of tourism, as the constantly high number of visitors means a serious burden on the local infrastructure and ecosystems.

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