Mihály Varga: from the point of view of sovereignty, the development of the food sector is crucial

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 24. 11:22

From the point of view of Hungary’s sovereignty, the development of the food sector is a key area – stated the Minister of Finance at the handover ceremony of the Nagisz Group’s new, one of the most modern cattle farms in Europe, completed with a HUF five billion investment, in Nádudvar on Friday.

Mihály Varga said that the Hungarian food supply cannot depend on other countries or foreign market players, which is why the government pays special attention to the development of domestic, competitive food industry enterprises.

The minister drew attention to the fact that the inflation unleashed in the wake of the war and sanctions was most severe in the food sector, so Hungary’s self-sufficiency in food production must also be strengthened.

The government is constantly working on rebuilding the food sector, the performance of agriculture now contributes significantly to economic growth, Mihály Varga stated.