The portal is also available in Ukrainian

By: STA Date: 2022. 08. 23. 11:14

The Ministry of Agriculture (AM) renewed the website, which offers agricultural job opportunities, to help Ukrainian refugees find work. On the online interface, the ministry has collected those seasonal jobs that offer opportunities to those fleeing the war to our country – the ministry announced in its statement on Tuesday.

The lack of labor causes serious problems for farmers (Photo: Pixabay)

The Russian-Ukrainian war dragged on, and those fleeing Ukraine to our country were in a more difficult situation due to the failed Brussels sanctions. True to its promise, the government continues to work to ensure that those who temporarily live in Hungary get an income. To this end, the job opportunities on the site have also become available in Ukrainian.

Seasonal workers are important for agriculture

On the agricultural jobs website, businesses can quickly and easily search for employees, and seasonal workers can find jobs. The goal is for the portal to connect labor market participants. In addition to the Ukrainian refugees, the government also supports Hungarian farmers by renewing the site in this difficult period, as they are in great need of help as the harvest approaches, the announcement reads.


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