Lidl is introducing another food saving measure

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 12. 12. 11:35

Lidl Hungary launched “Save it! food rescue action, which further expands the range of measures taken to reduce food waste. It offers its customers fruits and vegetables that are no longer perfect on the outside, but still edible, in unit packages at a discounted price, in order to further minimize the resulting food surplus and thereby also support the healthy nutrition of Hungarian families.

For years, the company has placed great emphasis on reducing food waste, so it continues to expand the scope of its measures in this direction. In the spirit of this, the department store chain launched the “Save it!” campaign in Budapest in November. sale, where it offers its customers vegetables and fruits that are still edible but have minor defects in a unit package. The 3.5 kg mixed packages of vegetables and fruits can be purchased at an extremely favorable price of only HUF 399. The packages will be available nationwide, in all Hungarian stores of the chain, by the end of February 2023.

“As a leading food retail company, we are aware of our responsibility, so as part of our sustainability strategy, we pay special attention to ensuring that as little food as possible goes to waste. The aim of our latest measure is to contribute to the healthy nutrition of Hungarian families by selling vegetables and fruits that are still edible but have minor defects at a nominal price”.

– said Judit Tőzsér, the company’s communications manager.

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