Hungarian agriculture will receive another 80 billion HUF in support

By: Trademagazin Date: 2020. 05. 28. 10:03

By August, it will announce another agricultural tender package with a budget of HUF 80 billion, and it will create 9 decrees in this regard, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the online agricultural conference of the Portfolio Group. The head of the ministry also reported on what measures have been taken so far to address the difficulties caused by the coronavirus epidemic in agriculture and the food industry, and what steps are still planned.

The Portfolio Group started with the presentation of the Minister of Agriculture István Nagy “Virus crisis: is Hungarian agriculture losing or winning?” online agricultural conference. In his opening remarks, the head of the ministry explained that the coronavirus epidemic is not only a difficulty but also an opportunity for Hungarian agriculture, because the sector has now received the attention it deserves. And the sector, which can feed 25 million people, has every reason to be proud, because since the first days of the crisis, no one has been left without food in Hungary.

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