The administration of vineyard school operators becomes easier with a new form

By: STA Date: 2024. 05. 17. 09:30

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) draws the attention of vineyard operators to the new form available on the office’s website. Nébih created the electronic registration form, which can be used instead of a multi-copy, paper-based form, in order to reduce the burden on producers. The form on the propagating materials used in the vineyard school can be submitted by primary producers by post, and by companies and individual entrepreneurs electronically. The office expects the data of the inventory and label order by July 31, and the data of the reproduction report by May 20.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The new form for reporting reproduction and inventory, Registration sheet for vineyard school, can be used instead of the 4-copy, paper-based form. The Excel tabular record sheet also serves as a sheet for the paper-based red (production) and blue (inventory) reports, so the version with the correct data content must always be submitted. The detailed instructions on the second tab of the table help you fill out the form accurately and completely. The sheets filled in and printed in Excel must be signed and sealed by the reproductive material inspector belonging to the relevant county government office, as well as by the plant health inspector during the annual inspection. The signed and sealed sheets with the reproduction report data (columns 1-7) must be sent to Nébih by May 20, while the inventory and label order data (columns 8-9) must be sent by July 31. The process of submission to Nébih: in the case of companies and sole proprietors, it is necessary to do it via e-Paper – in this case, it is enough to print out, sign, have supervisors sign and stamp it. Natural persons who are not obliged to use electronic administration (primary producers) can also send the completed, signed and stamped forms by post by the specified deadline.


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