ALDI introduces a new, unified milk brand: MILFINA has become MILSANI

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 05. 24. 12:25

In the future, ALDI customers will encounter significant changes in the store’s dairy product coolers. Like the other member companies of the ALDI SÜD group, the company will distribute its dairy products under the unified brand name “MILSANI” instead of “MILFINA” in the future, so the packaging of the goods will also be renewed. The KOKÁRDÁS brand, which is made exclusively from Hungarian sources and raw materials, will continue to be available in Hungary.

When developing its rich range of dairy products, ALDI strives to ensure that as many customers as possible find the ideal food for them. To this end, it further expanded its range of dairy products and currently offers around 270 products on its store shelves. In addition to the basic ingredients of traditional Hungarian cuisine – such as lumpy cottage cheese, sour cream, natural yogurt, Trappist cheese – ALDI likes to surprise customers with one of a kind, Hungarian or international rarities – for example, skyr yogurt or French and Swiss with cheeses – to enrich the everyday life of consumers with as many different products and flavors as possible.

In order to make dairy products even easier to identify, ALDI will standardize its dairy product range in the future and market its dairy products under the MILSANI name, whether domestically or internationally procured goods. The products will receive packaging with a new design and uniform appearance. In the case of milk, in order to make identification even easier, the coloring of the products according to the fat percentage will also change: in the future, 1.5% will be blue, 2.8% will be red, and 3.5% will be black. Lactose-free dairy products will also be available under the MILSANI name; this lactose-free milk will be purple in the future, while 3.5% lactose-free milk will have a black and purple box. Among the UHT milk products, the 2.8% MILSANI and the 1.5% KOKÁRDÁS, and in the case of ESL milk, the 2.8% MILSANI can be found on the box with a QR code, which, when scanned, will show the ALDI directs the customer to the online flyer on its website.

MILSANI milk products purchased in Hungary will be easy to recognize, as the packaging will be marked with the usual Hungarian Product and Domestic Product trademarks in addition to the national color ribbon indicating the product’s origin.

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