A greeting card for customers? You may also be affected by the EPR fee!

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 01. 11:44

One of the biggest challenges of today is protecting the environment and reducing its pollution as strongly as possible, especially with regard to the environmental burden caused by the huge amount of unprocessed industrial and household waste. This is a problem affecting the lives of all of us, for which a solution can be provided by the establishment and compliance of a well-functioning legal framework with long-term goals in mind, as well as social responsibility.

For a sustainable future, waste must be reborn” [mohu.hu], so last year, in order to achieve the above goals, the legislator created the extended producer responsibility system (Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) )), introducing within it the obligation to pay the EPR fee for manufacturers. This fee serves to finance and encourage the recycling, treatment and reprocessing of products at the end of the product’s life, thus contributing to the extension of the product’s life cycle – according to the Schoenherr Hetényi Law Firm his colleagues.


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