Conscious shopping does not exist, says the expert

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 10. 17. 15:22

Telex talked to an expert about the functioning of shopping behaviors who has studied these processes through research in recent years. Psychologist Ákos Csertán talked about the impossibility of conscious shopping, our extremely inexplicable shopping habits, and whether we still believe in the long-term meaning of savings.

It’s not that easy to be a conscious customer

“We are all very different, but we are similar in some ways. By grasping these similarities, user types and persozones can be drawn. We immerse ourselves in the users’ lives, see what their problems are, what they base their decisions on, and then we mix abstract people and personas from the characteristics we observe at the trend level. Your age or status is not the deciding factor here, the characters are determined by things independent of this: for some it is important to choose, to establish physical contact with the object, while others prefer to compare prices online. Other circumstances also matter: if you are hungry, you will buy more in any store you go to – this is not only true for food, but also for clothes and electronics.”

Ákos Csertán tells Telex.



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