The Ministry of Agriculture continues to support domestic beekeepers

By: STA Date: 2024. 07. 09. 09:00

The domestic beekeeping industry, which is significantly affected by the effects of imported Asian honey arriving in the Union, must be supported by all means. Honey can be imported, but pollination cannot, so the import of these goods must be ordered to stop.

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Among others, with the professional help of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Hungarian Beekeeping Association (OMME) filed an anti-dumping complaint against honey coming from China to the European Union. In the end, 11 member countries and 14 organizations joined the submission. Beekeeping is one of the most important branches of agriculture. That is why the Ministry of Agriculture supports the work of beekeepers and the preservation of the domestic bee population with all means.

OMME filed an anti-dumping complaint due to the reduction of artificial honey in China

The petition was joined by the largest honey-producing countries – with the exception of Spain – such as Romania, France, Italy, Germany and Poland. The association is currently awaiting comments from the European Commission. Currently, the main difficulty on the European honey market is caused by artificial honey coming to the EU from Asia. It is necessary to act decisively against this, because the product produced at a low price has a market-repressing and price-cutting effect, which threatens the survival of the producers.

Beekeeping is a key branch of Hungarian agriculture

In a unique way in Europe, our country has enabled beekeeping activities to be tax-free. Between 2023 and 2027, the sector, together with domestic funds, will receive targeted sector support of around 42.7 million euros. For the first time in the EU, Hungary introduced animal welfare support for beekeepers, an amount equivalent to 15 euros per bee colony per year, thereby helping to maintain healthy bee populations and the bee sector. In addition, domestic beekeepers have been receiving a so-called bee health subsidy for 5 years, which beekeepers claim every year after 1 million bee colonies, amounting to HUF 1,000 per bee colony. In addition to all this, it is a Hungarian success that the EU honey labeling rules are changing at the initiative of our country. Hungary made a proposal to amend the honey directive, which concerned the tightening of origin marking.


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