Pizza Hut would continue to expand in Hungary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 15. 11:45

Although the catering industry was battered by the pandemic, Pizza Hut still managed to get through this period stronger. This year, the first Hungarian franchise restaurant of the chain was opened, and the goal is to open more and more units in a partner franchise system.

“In recent years, Pizza Hut’s business policy has changed significantly, due to the epidemic, instead of local consumption, home ordering has become stronger. Now, at the end of 2023, we are at a point where the rate of home ordering is constantly increasing. There are currently 25 Pizza Hut restaurants in Hungary, and the plan is to continue expanding in the franchise system.”

– said Miklós Kozák, director of Pizza Hut Hungary.

In June 2023, the first Pizza Hut operating in the partner franchise system opened in Szeged. The essence of the franchise program is that AmRest – the large company that operates Pizza Hut restaurants – can provide its partners with a proven business model, stable infrastructural background, marketing and design. Pizza Hut’s dedicated specialist, Péter Buka, as a franchise manager, constantly helps partners, conducts training and advises so that everything works according to the brand’s specifications and they can provide the usual quality to the guests.

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