The financial wealth of households has grown further

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2017. 08. 18. 11:20

In the second quarter, the households’ financial assets increased by 874 billion HUF to 45,963.5 billion HUF and their liabilities increased by 25 billion HUF to 8,577 billion HUF, thus their net financial assets grew by 849 billion HUF to 37,387 billion HUF, according to the latest figures from the National Bank of Hungary.


Cash stock rose significantly, by 108 billion HUF, while deposits of the non-current deposits increased by 301 billion HUF, but fixed-term deposits decreased by 115 billion HUF. The population purchased long-term government bonds for 187 billion HUF in the second quarter, while stock market shares were sold at a value of 5 billion HUF. (MTI)

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