From grape to bottle

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 10. 31. 08:00

2007 is really a difficult vintage. It was started with a very mild winter, early budding, but spring frost limited our crop at some vineyard-sites. Hot and dry summer made the winemakers worried about the loss of acid and early harvest. Later some rains arrived created a much more balanced pre-harvest situation. Perhaps we drink a little bit less rozé, or fresh still young with nice harsh acid, but the average quality is quite good. Flavouring grape-vine varieties already harvested and at some vineyards they have proved to be promising. We still trust in good aszú production in Tokaj, the base wine seems to be quite valid. Perhaps the red wines will not reach the standard of 2006, but it would really be difficult, it was so exceptional special. There is no doubt, 2007 will produce some outstanding reds as well.

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