The GVH recommends the creation of a multi-level, state-regulated sustainability marking system

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 11. 15:10

In many cases, green advertising messages are unclear and confusing, and a significant number of consumers are not aware of the exact content and meaning of individual statements and labels – among other things, this is also highlighted by the recently concluded market analysis of the Economic Competition Authority (GVH), in which the investigators of the national competition authority claims and advertising messages were analyzed. In the study published on its website, the GVH also formulated proposals for market participants and the legislator.

The Economic Competition Office launched a market analysis in November 2022 to reveal in detail what environmental protection (so-called “green”) claims companies use for food, clothing, chemical products and cosmetics. The national competition authority had a dual purpose with the investigation. On the one hand, to assess the extent to which these green statements influence consumers’ purchase intentions, and on the other hand, how widespread these messages are in various communication channels and how businesses justify them.

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