Magazine: The show must go on

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 04. 08. 07:09
Kovács László-La Fiesta Party Service

László Kovács
La Fiesta Party Service

László Kovács, the owner of La Fiesta Party Service told our magazine that the catering market had produced considerable growth in 2019. He thinks it isn’t the size of a business that matters, and his company is concentrating on quality. Mr Kovács wants to see in person how his team performs, so he regularly visits the events where La Fiesta Party Service does the catering. They do 800-1,000 events a year, where they serve guests from 20 up to 10,000. Each offer is tailored to the specific event needs. Today when 25-30 percent of guests suffer from some kind of food intolerance, it is key that they consult with partners about this in advance. La Fiesta Party Service serves modern food at 60-70 percent of the events. Unfortunately market prices can’t keep up with reality. László Kovács said: a month ago he would have talked about a 15-20 percent growth for the next 5 years, but the coronavirus has completely changed the situation for quite some time.

Nagy Csaba-Budapest Party Service

Csaba Nagy
sales director
Budapest Party Service

Csaba Nagy, sales director of Budapest Party Service reckons that quality catering services can be provided if the needs of the customer are understood, and then the most modern services are tailored to these needs. The company does 900 events a year, serving food and drinks to guests ranging from 10 to several thousands. Mr Nagy told that street food has become trendy in event catering too – this type of service is usually requested for programmes where participants are younger than 30 years or for family events. Finger food is generally asked for cocktail parties or between main meals. Summer is the high season for barbecue food, when meat and vegetables are grilled in front of guests. Budapest Party Service cares about sustainability too, the company uses local cooking ingredients whenever it can. //


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