Let’s make tea!

By: trademagazin Date: 2008. 02. 01. 08:00

Tea is being rediscovered by the consumers of the 21st century. The number of tea houses is rising dynamically, but tea is not yet getting the attention it deserves in other HoReCa segments. The main target group for tea houses is the under 30 age group. Sipping tea is much more of an experience, than simply an act of consumption. Tea is a profitable product to sell everywhere, because unit cost is low and no special expertise is needed for making it. However, it needs to be spoken about, like wine. Even tea sommeliers have appeared and a cup of top quality tea can sell for USD 10-15 in elegant restaurants. It also helps in selling tea that the act of having a cup of tea is associated with tranquility and calm. There are so may types of tea and so many beliefs about the beneficial effects of tea that practically everybody who goes into a tea house will find the one they need. Between 100-120 teas are served in most tea houses, including black, green, white, yellow, flavoured, fruit, rooibos, “mate” and so on. These are traditional teas of course, since even mentioning filter tea is regarded as a sin in tea houses. A wide range of accessories like attractive kettles and cups are also available for entrepreneurs who recognise the potential of tea. It is a pity that we can see no sign of either a decent assortment of teas or of such accessories in most Hungarian bars and restaurants, especially as tea has become a trendy product. Creating a decent assortment of teas does not require a major investment. On the other hand, it creates a very good impression and can attract guests who would not otherwise become regulars. The minimal assortment is simple: standard black tea, flavoured black tea, flavoured green tea, fruit tea and some kind of herbal tea. A more serious assortment also includes a strong black tea, classic green tea and some specialities. It is important to serve water that is really hot, preferably not from the tap and to keep the tea leaves fresh. If we serve filter tea, it is best to use the special mixes offered by the particular brand. Cinnamon, ginger, cocoa beans, aniseed and clove are the most commonly used ingredients in these mixtures.

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