Easter eggs can be a third cheaper than last year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 12. 12:30

By Easter, the average consumer price of eggs can be around HUF 60, which means that customers can get one of the essential staple foods for the holiday a third cheaper than last year, according to Agroinform.hu’s analysis. The domestic producers are able to adapt to the increasing demands at this time, nevertheless, it may be advisable to purchase the necessary quantity in time, 1-2 weeks before Easter.

Csaba Héjja, senior analyst of MBH Bank’s agricultural and food business, said:

“Due to the favorable development of feed costs, the cost level of production has decreased significantly compared to last year, which is also reflected in consumer prices. All this means that around the holidays we can expect an average price of HUF 60, which is a third lower than the level experienced around Easter last year.”

Despite the seasonal increase in demand that characterizes the holiday, supply problems are not expected this year either, and domestic egg producers are still able to continuously satisfy a significant part of the demand. The domestic self-sufficiency level reaches 80 percent, which is supplemented by trade imports during peak periods. At the local level, however, daily shortages cannot be ruled out, so those who want to be sure can buy the amount planned for Easter now. In the case of eggs with a 28-day shelf life as regulated by the authorities, purchasing stocks in advance – under appropriate storage conditions – does not entail a quality risk.

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