Agro-Ferr Kft. increases its production with the help of support.

By: STA Date: 2023. 01. 13. 10:00

Agro-Ferr Kft. is increasing its production by about 10 percent this year, and plans to produce six million liters of milk by the end of the year. The family business in Békés county will increase its herd of cows from the current 530 to 800 by then, the company’s executive told MTI on Friday.

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Balázs Dorcsinecz reminded us that the new, almost ten thousand square meter barn, built with HUF 2.8 billion, was handed over in the fall. Half of the amount for the investment was obtained from the framework of the Rural Development Program, and the other half was secured by self-reliance. Then they agreed to increase the number of cattle from 350 to 800. They bought 130 pregnant heifers, and from then on they are expanding the herd through their own breeding. Now they have 530 cows, but their number is expected to increase to 620 by the summer. They currently milk 15,000 liters of milk per day, and they hope to reach 20,000 liters by the middle of the year, so their annual milk production can increase from 5.5 million to 6 million. (In 2018, it was still three million liters.) The new 560-place barn is modern, and the comfort of the animals is enhanced by, among other things, electric hoof washers, electric back scrapers, and cooled water beds placed under the animals in the resting box. The cows can visit the milking robots according to their own needs.

As a result of the improvements, they hope that the animals will no longer feel the summer heat stress

According to the experts, this will result in a 10-15 percent increase in milk yield, in addition to an increase in reproduction number and a decrease in the production cost of milk.

Agro-Ferr Kft. was founded in 1993

They are engaged in animal breeding, arable crop production, and agricultural services. Their annual average number of employees is around 100. Field crops are grown on 1,124 hectares, and 90 percent of the fodder for the cattle is produced themselves. They started their animal breeding activities in 1995, and have been dealing with dairy cattle since 2008. The milk is sold to Alföldi Tej Kft. They are also part owners of a small proportion of the producer group. According to publicly available company data, the company’s net sales came entirely from domestic sales in 2021 and exceeded HUF 4 billion, an increase of HUF 700 million compared to the previous year. Its taxable profit increased from HUF 496 million in 2020 to HUF 527 million in one year. According to Balázs Dorcsinecz’s preliminary calculations, the sales in 2022 increased somewhat.

In Békés County, farmers kept 66,000 cattle in 2022.


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