Information about the electronic Farming Diary that helps farmers

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 21. 10:20

In order to ensure adequate preparation time, in 2023, the management of the Farming Diary in electronic form will be included among the administrative tasks of the agricultural support system with a high degree of flexibility.

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In the case of the newly launched Agro-Ecological Program, one of the conditions of support is the keeping and electronic submission of the Farming Diary, but the electronic keeping itself is voluntary and depends on the farmer’s decision in the following year. In order to use the support of the Agro-ecology Program (AÖP) in 2023, among other things, it will be necessary to keep a farming diary (with continuous electronic or paper-based management and subsequent electronic uploading) and to accurately and on time record the relevant agrotechnical operations for each chosen practice. on the unified application interface. In order to simplify the administrative obligations of farmers, the electronic Farming Log (eGN) will be launched in 2023, which is a new public administration service into which the data contained in the currently separate e-spraying log, Farming log and nitrate data sheet systems will be integrated by the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih). By keeping the electronic Business Journal (eGN), in addition to providing official data, producers can also verify the conditions necessary to apply for subsidies. The ÁNYK data provision method, which is now outdated, will be replaced, and it will be possible to merge and fully digitize the data submitted electronically and the paper-based data.

Sanctions resulting from failure to provide data can be avoided with the help of the electronic Business Log (eGN)

In the system, the current data is always available in the system; for this reason, there is no need to define deadlines for data provision and related sanctions. Nébih provides an interface for the submission of the electronic Business Journal (eGN), which thus enables the direct submission of data from the farmers’ Business Journal and farm management software. -/interface-for-submitting-the-electronic-business-diary).


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