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Magazine: Self-knowledge is the most important skill in the 21st century

In the latest Future Talks podcast episode Szilvia Krizsó talked to Krisztián Steigervald, generations expert. The article features parts of the conversation that you can listen to at futuretalks.hu. –...

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Krisztián Steigervald: ‘Today young people don’t live in space and time’

In the latest episode of the Future Talks podcast generation expert Krisztián Steigervald spoke about how the different generations think and what their sets of values are. Mr Steigervald stressed...

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We can learn a lot from each other in confinement

In the emergency situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the different generations could learn a lot from each other – quotes Steigervald Krisztián, a generation researcher and intergenerational coachtold blikk.hu....

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