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Cadbury, Birds Eye and Walkers: the best food brands in the United Kingdom

According to a new research, Cadbury, Birds Eye and Walkers are the top food brands in the United Kingdom. In YouGov’s 2023 FMCG ranking, the “Food” category saw Cadbury taking...

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High-tech innovation from Oral-B

Oral-B has launched its latest innovation, Oral-B iO™ electric toothbrush in the Hungarian market too. P&G’s new oral care device is the result of 6 years of research in partnership...

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The high-end Oral-B iO electric toothbrush is also available in Hungary

Oral-B, the first brand of electric toothbrushes, which pioneered the connection between toothbrushes and mobile applications, has also made its latest development Oral-B iO™ electric toothbrush available in Hungary. The...

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