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Gingerbread Festival began in Debrecen

A two-day gingerbread festival began on Saturday afternoon in Debrecen, in the courtyard of the Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum and the House of Local Literature. Honey-cutters, beekeepers and honey-makers arrived...

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Gingerbread Festival in Debrecen

The 9th Gingerbread Festival was started on Saturday in Debrecen. The event aims to nurture the tradition of gingerbread making that is dating back to several centuries – Komolay Szabolcs...

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Gingerbread Festival this weekend in Debrecen

The Gingerbread Festival will present the illustrious history of gingerbread making in Debrecen and the traditions of rural beekeeping on 15 and 16 August. Vajda Mária ethnographer, the festival’s idea...

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