A colourful and exciting year is waiting for OREO!

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 03. 01. 12:13

OREO cookies were introduced in the USA in 1912, but in the last more than 100 years the product conquered the world to become the No.1 biscuit brand in the world. More than 40 trillion OREOs are made per year and the brand has 43 million followers in social media. OREO entered the Hungarian market in 2015 and soon it already had a 5-percent market share (in value).

OREO sales have been grown by two-digit number in the European market in the last few years, with intense innovation work being done at the same time. As for the Hungarian market, in 2019 OREO takes a step forward with a new and exciting product portfolio: in addition to Original and Double Stuff, the company launches the Choco Brownie flavour and Strawberry CheeseCake also returns to shops.

An integrated marketing and trade campaign backs the new product portfolio from February, which will last until the end of the year. The campaign will involve television commercials, out-of-home ads, online presence, product sample distribution and in-store tasting sessions. 2019 is the year of OREO! (x)

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