Szijjártó: Hungary is the main investment destination for Chinese companies in Central Europe

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 11. 18. 11:22
“The government’s strategy of opening up to the east has proved to be a clear success story, which is also evident from the fact that Hungary has now become the number one investment destination for Chinese companies in Central Europe,” Szijjártó Péter, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

Chinese companies like Hungary

According to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the head of the ministry took part in the handover of the production hall of the S.E.G.A. Hungary Kft. automotive company Szirmabesenyő, where a new research and development project was also announced. The Chinese-owned company will set up its largest plant in Europe in Miskolc, where it will produce state-of-the-art starter motors and generators. The state will provide 1.3 billion HUF in support for the 4.5 billion HUF investment program, which will hire 40 new engineers, in addition to retaining its current 1,426 employees. (MTI)

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