Stella Artois Beer Drafting Championship

By: trademagazin Date: 2009. 10. 20. 00:00

Borsodi Brewery has organized the Stella Artois Beer Drafting Championship for the 12th time in Budapest. The purpose of the quiz is to promote beer culture.

The Museum of Fine Arts gave place to the national competition 15th October. Only those were able to compete, who were sufficient on the preliminary ratings of Stella Artois’ Drafting expert in their own restaurant or pub. At the end twelve specialists were introduced into the finals of the  Stella Artois Beer Drafting Championship.
The podium finishers:
1. Varga Gyémánt
2. Kelemen Tímea
3. Varga Tibor
The winner works in the Suszterinas Restaurant and Pub in the 2nd district.

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