New evidence on effects of green coffee beans in weight loss

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 03. 28. 08:57

According to U.S. researchers, extract from green, unroasted coffee beans may help in weight reduction.

Joe Vinson and his colleagues will describe their results at the San Diego conference of the American Chemical Society.

The study involved 16 overweight or obese people aged 22-26 years who took capsules of the extract or capsules containing a placebo, an inactive powder, for a total of 22 weeks. The subjects alternated between a low dose and a higher dose of the extract. The low dose consisted of 700 mg of the coffee extract, and the high dose was 1,050 mg. It was a so-called “cross-over” study in which people cycled through the two doses and the placebo, each for six weeks. Such studies have advantages because each person serves as his or her own “control,” improving the chances of getting an accurate result.

All of the participants were monitored for their overall diet (calories, food eaten, etc.) and exercise over the study period. “Their calories, carbohydrates, fats and protein intake did not change during the study, nor did their exercise regimen change,” Vinson said. (MTI)

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