Rossmann: More and more Hungarian women are accepting their skin imperfections

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 04. 24. 09:41

Naturalness has become the key word in recent years when it comes to make-up, and the trend can be felt not only in international markets: the use of so-called character make-up, which has a natural effect and sometimes makes skin imperfections visible, is also becoming more and more common among Hungarian women, according to the latest store of Rossmann Hungary at its opening.

At the round table discussion held at the event, the participants sought answers to, among other things, what makeup means to Hungarian women, what differences can be discovered in the make-up habits of each generation, or how many minutes it takes to prepare basic morning makeup.

Although we try to think as little as possible about the coronavirus, the pandemic was a kind of turning point, as a result of which the role of health became more valued, and this is also reflected in make-up habits and trends: thick foundations, bright colors are disappearing, and the emphasis is increasingly on preserving the natural texture of the skin the emphasis. At the opening of Rossmann Magyarország’s store in the Mammut shopping center, skin influencers and celebrities walked around the many aspects of make-up.

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